Tips and Tricks When Meeting Escorts

Tips and Tricks When Meeting Escorts

While meeting an escort can be a simply amazing experience, there are a few things that you want to be mindful of. Just like with everything else, you could find exactly what you are looking for or you could end up with a crappy deal and likely ripped off once it’s over. Let me remind you, when you have a great experience you will feel like money you paid was totally worth it, you had what you came for, and you’re a king. When you have a bad experience it can be such a letdown, you’ve wasted money, and you might even be questioning whether this hobby is really worth it. Here are a few tips how to now have a bad experience

The Too Available Problem

When an escort is too available it is rarely good news. You might find a gem who happens to be available exactly when you ping her, but in 95% of my encounters if she is immediately available I end up wasting my time. Most of the time the pictures are not real. If this is an in-call then she could be in some crappy hotel so watch out if that bothers you. She might be the type who doesn’t honour appointments but is always available; she could be double or triple booking clients and will answer at her leisure which means you might end up waiting for who knows how long. Time wasters are the most annoying part of dealing with independent escorts in my opinion. If you expect to not wait it’s best if you know her or visit an agency where you know girls are going to be there.

It is pretty common for service providers to have some assistant arrange meetings. If this is the case you could be agreeing to something with this assistant but service provider has no idea about it. Do not end up in a position where you handed over the money but you have no idea who you’re meeting or what you’re getting. Causing a scene will most likely ruin your day but these types are used to it.

Bait and Switch Problem

When you visit an incall location you’ll probably notice that the door will open first where you walk in and then see the girl. This is a total bullshit but most escorts do this, even the good ones. If the girl has posted fake pictures and it’s not her then find an excuse immediately and get out of there. I usually say that I forgot my wallet but they get the idea. This is the easy way out because you haven’t agreed to go ahead with it. One time a girl took me to her place, takes the gift about what we agreed to via text. I later find out there are two other girls in there and after some discussion between them the girl leaves. Now I’m left with the other two and I have no idea who I talked to and what I’m getting. Bad place to be! If you’re not desperate I wouldn’t hand her the money until the game is about to start.

See how to spot good ads below on few tips how to find good ads. You really want to avoid going to see an escort that has fake photos or fake ads. You’ve travelled to her place, arranged the meeting time, discussed services etc, and finally it’s a disappointment. That could easily be 2-3 hours of wasted effort.

Charging Extra for Expected Services

This is the most common trick used as far as I know. If you haven’t agreed beforehand about a particular service or extra that you are expecting she will most likely ask for more. For things like Greek, GFE, BBBJ, or anything extra you will want to discuss before you meet with her. Chances are she might not even do certain things, but most of the time they’ll just want to more. One time a girl told me that she won’t have sex, but that was due to my stupidity for not reading the ad properly. But even FS is something that you might want to ask about if the ad is not explicit about it. You might feel that with classier escorts you don’t want to discuss all these details, but know that they might not mind asking for more at all or might just refuse some of these things after you’ve handed the gift.

Spotting good online ads

This takes some practice but you’ll nail it eventually. Sadly, most asian ads are all fake ads so despite the fact I like asians I don’t see them for this reason. Bait and switch with asians is super common. Most of them are much older and it’s just not a classy time! If you want a decent asian I would check for Koreans, or check some reputable agencies with other ethnicities too (they don’t lie about the girls as much). Verified escort ads are becoming a thing now so checking those ads out is definitely worthwhile.

Calling escorts is definitely a good thing to do if you can. This way I was able to weed out most of the escorts that I didn’t want to see. Everyone has different preferences, but I find out a lot about the escort by just talking to her. Ask if you’re going to be seeing her or if this person is the assistant booking the meetings. If the girl isn’t able to talk to you it is usually a red flag unless this is a legit agency. Test her politely on the phone to see if its really her. For example, if she’s Japanese she should have a Japanese accent and not a Chinese accent. Politeness goes a long way if you want to get more information. If she is not being receptive to questions then it’s a red flag too. Lastly, don’t negotiate rates before you get all the information you need, that’s usually the last step.

Escort Attitude Check is Important

People might disagree with this but I find it very important. If her attitude is not great on the phone then most likely it won’t be when you meet her. Even after you meet her and before donation, if she is not showing a good attitude then most likely that’s how it’s going to go during play time. Maybe she is really hot and this doesn’t bother you, but if it does then I would turn around as soon as I see her attitude is not good. Most service providers who don’t have a good attitude will give a sloppy service, will complain or rush you. That’s not a good experience

Few Last Words on Finding Great Escorts

Escorts can be pretty pricey hobby and, unless you are rich, finding good affordable ones can be a bit tricky. Escort review sites can help, but a little bit of research can go long way too. If you find really good girls it is not a bad idea to keep in touch with them. Being a regular of 5-6 girls is not uncommon in this hobby and this is especially true when you get tired of flakes and bad experience. Think of it as a new restaurant. If it hasn’t been reviewed you don’t know how good the food is so you might want to turn to your favorites.