Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Please keep in mind that we are not an agency. This is just an online directory used for advertising only. We are not affiliated with any agencies and are not able to help with hiring.

Q: I am receiving calls but I am not a provider! How can I get removed from this website?
A: While we do our best to remove stale ads with incorrect numbers we could really use your help. If you notice this happening you may find where this ad is in the site and report it as invalid number. This will usually get a faster response than by emailing us. In either case, we take this seriously and will remove your number as soon as possible.

Q: I am seeing my photos in this website but I didn't post them myself!
A: Please flag these ads as copyright infringement. We take this very seriously and will gladly assist with removing this content from our servers in a timely manner.

Posting Ads

Q: I just posted an ad and paid for it, but I can't find it.
A: Paid ads usually show up in a few minutes. You will receive a welcome email which contains city where you posted your ad and a link to your ad. If you didn't receive this email please check junk mail folder first before contacting us.

Q: I just posted a FREE ad and have provided a backlink, but I do not see my ad online yet.
A: FREE ads are subject to review and will not go online immediately. Please be patient while we are going through the queue of ads. If you wish your ads to appear sooner then please consider paid ads.

Please note that we take SPAM very seriously. If you use spammy backlink we may remove your ad and permanently block you without notice. This could be another reason why your ad might not be live.

Q: I posted an ad but I need to update them. How do I do it?
A: When you post an ad the welcome email is sent to you. This email contains a link to your ad which you can update as many times as you like, until it expires.

Q: I posted an ad but I want to delete it. How do I do it?
A: Your welcome email after you post an ad has a section where you can delete your ad permanently. Please note that you won't be refunded anything and we will remove this ad permanently.

Viewing Ads

Q: Phone numbers are all blurred. How can I contact these providers?
A: We blur phone numbers to prevent robots from scraping and misusing them. To see the phone number click on the phone number and it will reveal itself.

Q: I phoned the provider but I got the wrong number. Why is this?
A: We try our best to keep numbers current. If an ad has incorrect number or details please report it by clicking Report button on the right side of the ad. Please help us and community keep these numbers current.

Q: I see that some phone numbers are flagged, red and unreadable. Why?
A: When ads are older, get flagged several times and are no longer updated by poster then we assume they are stale and archive them. If they are re-instated by the poster then phone number will re-appear. Otherwise we remove remain in archived state and are eventually removed.